Seeking Help

When it comes to concerns around mental health, it can be difficult to seek professional help. This may be because of societal stigma, lack of motivation, not knowing where to go, having financial problems, or other concerns., Here at The ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre and Direct Focus Solutions, we aim to provide solutions for your individual mental health issues by providing quality mental health care from our allied health professionals. We ensure the support  you receive is best tailored to you.

You Don’t Have To Be Alone

Despite having a more informed society in regards to mental health, we can still find ourselves sometimes wanting to keep our problems to ourselves. We may feel as though we’re strong enough to handle the problems we’ve been carrying on our own– or simply not want to burden others with our own thoughts and worries.

However, we want to reassure you that seeking help is not a sign of weakness. We can all be vulnerable at any time. In fact, you’re placing yourself in a position of strength as you embark on your journey of learning new strategies and take the first steps forward towards the life that you want for yourself. We want to be the service that offers you a helping hand and a gentle nudge to become the kind of person you want to be.

Finding Your Inner Light

Here at The ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre, we believe that if a mental health concern or a life issue gets in the way of you achieving your goals in life, you need to seek assistance. We know that everyone has an inner core of strength that they can tap into in order to fully realise their dreams – it’s just that there are times when you need that extra nudge and gentle push in order to be reminded of what sort of potential you have as a person.

Our allied health team of psychologists, counsellors, occupational and speech therapists, personal trainers, and support workers, as well as neuro-technicians are trained to assess and deliver a range of services and programmes.

A Personal Take On Mental Health

Our experts help identify an approach best fit for you and your therapy needs. We believe that we can do this best by making sure that all aspects of our client’s therapy are tailored towards establishing realistic goals and tracking measurable outcomes. Our team are trained in a client-focused approach and have access to a wide range of evidence-based treatments from various modalities. We aim to empower you!

Helping You Find A Better Way

Life’s worries, when left unmanaged, can take a toll on things such as our self-image, relationships with others, and our general outlook on life. But sometimes, life can get to a point where we can’t address our concerns ourselves. If you feel as though support is something that would help you get through life’s hardships, then please don’t hesitate to approach The ADD / ADHD Treatment Centre. Our team are equipped with the training, skills, and experience to help you find a better approach towards dealing with your mental health concerns. Our aim is to provide affordable and accessible mental health care. Talk to us today to find out what funding streams may be available to you.